Aloha. I’m Roby, a writer/director and frequent aloha shirt wearer. 

Full Shot.jpg

I tell stories that are imaginative, smart and fun. 

I’m known for creating unconventional stories that inform and entertain through writing and video directing. My passion for storytelling has led me many places. As Content Editor for Undercover Tourist, I wrote stories that help families plan amazing theme park vacations. Before that, I managed the video department for a school district. I took an unexpected approach to telling student and teacher stories though my writing, directing and editing. 

I’m a passionate fan of themed entertainment, and I’m driven to work in that industry in a role developing creative concepts, show writing and producing media. I’m a volunteer media creator for the Themed Entertainment Association and former Disneyland attractions Cast Member. 

While I’m a self-propelled creative leader, I thrive in collaborative team roles too. I can be a project leader, role player or cheerleader.  Think of me as a utility infielder with a mean changeup. 

I have over fifteen years of creative experience with companies like FOX’s ‘King of The Hill’, Walt Disney Feature Animation and various Central Texas ad agencies. I received a degree in Film from Emerson College in Boston (Go Lions). 

Away from work, I enjoy visiting theme parks, traveling, baseball, hockey, books, movies, Star Wars and The Beatles.