Garden Guardians - BEATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - In this dark ride shooter, guests help a clan of lawn gnomes fight off invading bugs, spiders and rodents.

The Journey of Moana - TREATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE Journey with Moana on a voyage across the sea, where fun and danger lurks behind every wave. 

Fab Four - A Beatles Cafe - TREATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - An immersive and interactive dining experience that tells the story of the world's greatest band. 

1980s Themed Attraction - SPEC TIMED BRAINSTORM SAMPLE - Challenged myself to create multiple attraction ideas within a 90-minute time frame. 

Time Warped - TREATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - The past, future and present collide in this narrative walkthrough for a dark ride attraction. 

Tron : Revolt - TREATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - A narrative walkthrough treatment for an attraction based on Disney's '"Tron" and "Tron : Legacy" films. 

Operation : Mockingjay - TREATMENT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - A treatment for an attraction based on Suzanne Collins' '"The Hunger Game" book. 

Operation : Mockingjay - PRE-SHOW SCRIPT - SPEC WRITING SAMPLE - A pre-show script for Operation: Mockingjay attraction. 


*Note—I did not write these. A family of traveling frogs wrote these. (winks) * 

Undercover Tourist - Visitor's Guide to Pandora — The World of Avatar

Undercover Tourist - Review - Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

Undercover Tourist - Ultimate Guide to Fort Wilderness at Disney World

Undercover Tourist - The 6 Best Bars and Lounges at Disney World 


XQ- What's Next - Script for a grant funding video. Dramatic. Somber. Makes you want to cry and break out the checkbook. 

Wildcat Welcome - Script for a "Get to know your middle school" guided tour video. Watch the full video here. 

Breakthrough - Script for a district-wide department video challenge. Features writers and webmasters in shorts and headbands. Full video here. 

HireVue - Script for the district's HR online interview video introductions.  


Jax Savage's Funtastical Neighborhood - An action star becomes trapped in the world of a fictional children's show, and must pose as its host in order to trick the town's whimsical characters into helping him escape. SPEC SCRIPT

Lizzy Fizz: Science Teacher Vs. Goricha: Giant Guardian Of Tokyo - An eccentric teacher must learn the attributes of a giant mutated monster so she can teach it to fight a terrifying rival monster... all in an effort to win Science Teacher of the Year. SPEC SCRIPT

Chad Hoogaboom and the Wonderful Red Wagon -  A magical wagon brings action figures to life. SPEC SCRIPT